Ramp & Wrench are a service centre for TerraClean

TerraClean is a unique decarbonisation technology which makes a significant improvement to the Emissions, MPG and Driveability/Performance of your vehicle.

The technology applies to Motorcycles, Cars (Petrol & Diesel), Vans, Trucks, Motorboats, Agricultiral vehicles and Plant and Machinery.

What can TerraClean do for your car?

The benefits are:

Regain Performance

Removal of carbon deposits significantly improves overall vehicle performance with improved drivability.

Restore MPG

Respected motoring journalist and TV presenter Quentin Willson reported a 14% improvement in MPG in his Sunday Mirror column.

Reduce Emissions

The unique TerraClean advanced cleaning service removes most deposits from your engine, reducing your emissions, for a cleaner greener drive.

Improve your vehicle’s performance and fuel economy

The costs are:

Petrol & Diesel – Up to 2 Litres

£110 inc VAT

Petrol & Diesel – Over 2 Litres

£130 inc VAT

For more information you can visit the TerraClean website

Terraclean Website

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